Rover Cars for Sale

Disclaimer: The executive, directors, and members of the Rover Car Club of Canada are not responsible for the cars listed. It is the responsiblity of the buyer to determine if the vehicle is suitable for use.

Special Note

The Rovers offered for sale may or may not be owned by RCCC members. We offer free adverts for Club members and a fee-for-service for non-members.

To have your Rover advertised here, contact Vern at: roverview@inkspotco.com

1968 Rover 2000TC
Located in Blaine Washington 
Same owner last 25 years. April Yellow NADA (US) spec car purchased at factory in the UK. Comes with UK number plate. Current registration is Washington State. Classic car insurance valuation at $14,000 USD.

$8,500 USD or best offer.

Contact Jess Rainey at 867-689-0465 or email jess_rainey@yahoo.ca for more info.

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1975 Series 2 2200 TC
Located in Saco Maine 
Probably the only one still running or available in the USA. Mechanical it runs,Gas tank was dropped and cleaned out. Has an exhaust leak so if it was a truck it would sound great but not for a car. Body has rust as the enclosed pictures show. I do have the factory repair manuals. Also extra brake pads and points. In Saco Maine 207-807-6392. BRO

Best offer

Contact Alexander Brazalovich at 207-807-6392 or email abrazalovich@icloud.com for more info.

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1960 P4 100 & 1948 P3 75
Located in Columbia, Virginia 
I reluctantly wish to sell my P4 100 that is still all original and comes with what remains of a 1969 P4 100 parts car. It is bad need of a paint job and seals replaced on the front and rear wind screens. The interior is in fair shape but the head liner needs to be replaced. There is a spare engine out of a Land Rover that was rebuilt by Rovers North 12,000 miles ago. I also have a 1948 P3 75 with parts car but it has the 2.6 engine in it with the P4 trans and OD. Both the P3 and P4 run but have been sitting far too long thus the sale.

$3,500 US for both cars

Contact Ben Saunders at 434 842 3667 or email bsaunders@firstva.com for more info.

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1968 2000 TC
Located in San Diego, California 
This 1968 P6 Rover 2000 TC is a North American version (with LHD & 4 sp MT) originally sold in the Vancouver area. It has Arden green paint and a tan interior, and it has an interesting history. It was stored for the original owner for almost 40 years before being sold and resurrected by two RCCC members in the Vancouver area. Their rehabilitation work was completed in about 2014. It was featured in an article in the Roverview magazine at the time, and it was named the “Green Hornet”. Since the vehicle sat so long before restoration it has only about 35,000 miles on it at this point. The trim and interior are remarkably well preserved.

Since I bought the car in 2019 and brought it to Southern California I have replaced the fluids, filters, virtually all the rubber working bits (tires, hoses, belt, gaiter, etc.), and I have replaced or rebuilt the brake and clutch cylinders along with the booster. I also installed inertia reel seat belts for the front (for ease of use) and moved the original front seat belts to the rear seats. Additionally the crankcase and valve cover venting has been updated to a later configuration. The higher temperatures in Southern California forced me to address the engine cooling system, and it is running reliably in this climate. No service is required at this time. The car performs well, and it is easy vehicle to drive among modern vehicles on local roads or freeways. It draws attention from people who either don’t know what it is or from folks who once had one in the family somewhere in the world.

Contact me to discuss or for a more complete description of the vehicle, additional photos, and a record of work done on it. 

Asking $10,000 US, OBO

Contact Arnold Torma at 619-995-2740 or email atorma@cox.net for more info.

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2000 TC Parts Car, Parts
Located in Beaverlodge, Alberta 
A variety of used parts for the P6 2000 TC, including wheels, transmission, engine, clutch, as well as body panels and much more. Also have a full parts car that ran when parked.
Contact Caleb Taylor at geckofan9@gmail.com for more info.


1948 P2 12 HP Sedan FREE to A Good Home
Located in Kansas City, MO

The car is a Rover 12 hp RHD sedan with a 4 cylinder OHV 1485cc engine. It was originally registered in the county of Wiltshire, SW England, on 24 January 1948. These cars were only produced during 1946 and 1947 being superseded in 1948 by the P3. The chassis number is 7212212; according to James Taylor the last 12 hp P2 was number 7212300, therefore there were only 87 cars of this model produced after this one
Bought as the fourth owner by my uncle in 1979 in England, the car was imported into the US in 1982 and driven daily until 1989 when it was parked. I became the fifth owner of the car and brought it to my home in Kansas City in 2002. I endeavoured to restore the car in my spare time, and dismantled it about 75% as can be seen in the accompanying pictures.
The car remains dismantled. Some of the doors have been sandblasted and epoxy-primed. The motor and transmission turn freely, and it has four good tires and a spare, and the glass is intact. The car still needs extensive work including new wiring, restoration of the interior, restoration of the running boards and sunroof.
I have come to the sad conclusion that I must let my Rover find a new home. Family obligations did not allow me to bring it back to its former glory. There is the usual rust, but nothing that cannot be repaired. I live in Kansas City and would offer the car to someone who would like to bring it back to life. The interested party would need to have a car transport and an enclosed area for all of the lose bits.
I have pictures of the car and numerous paper catalogues and the original UK plates. The body is ready to be removed from the chassis. Anything made of cloth or horsehair is non-existent, the mice were quite fond of these materials.
My hope is that the new owner would restore the car in its entirety rather than sell off the parts. I expect no remuneration for the car, however the interested party is responsible for all costs of labour related to gathering the parts from various locations in my home (basement, attic, garage) and transportation to the new home.

Contact Russell "Rusty" Fox at bigdaddiofox@gmail.com for more info. Free to a Good Home.

For Sale 2000 TC & Some Spares
Located on Vancouver Island in Duncan BC 
This Rover TC with 116750 original miles is rust free and comes with a lot of spares: new clutch plate, alloy wheels, brakes, and much more.
The nice largely conditon original car is registered as a 1967, though all evidence is that the it was build in late 1968 or early 1969.

Contact Brian Cameron at 250-746-7725 for more info and to make an offer

Rover Collection for Sale & Cars, Projects & Parts
Located in San Antonio, Texas 
A fellow RCCC member, Kent Kinaid in San Antonio, Texas is selling his entire Rover collection. Pictures of the collection can be viewed here: Kinard Collection Photos

A large collection of P6 & SD1 project & parts cars, along with a large number of parts, remains from this sale. Johnathan Stanley writes: “I’ve purchased the entire collection of P4 and P5s including parts this year. They’ve all been transported to Temple, TX. I still have the major task of inspecting each car closely and sorting through all the parts to make an inventory list. At this time I’m not ready to sell any of them, but anyone who is very interested are welcome to reach out to me about them. “The only remaining cars and parts that Kent has are P6s and SD1s. If anyone is interested in them, they can contact Greg Goshorn.” 

 Contact Jon at jonathan.b.stanley@gmail.com about the P4 and P5 collectio.

 Contact Greg Goshorn at ggoshorn@ip-law.net about the P6 & SD1 collection. Offers