Rover Practical Tips

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Rover 3500 S - P6B Accelerator Linkage
Designed by Peter Miller, Washington State, U.S.A.
Member, the Rover Car Club of Canada

Rover Icelert Technical Information

Electronic Ignition for the Rover Cars

Rover Electrical Diagrams

Rover Parts Cross-Reference
Information on parts also used on more common cars and generic non-Rover part numbers

Brake Servo Upgrade

NADA 3500S Brake Fault Diagnosis & Parts Diagram

Improving the Rover P6
Article written by David Hill for Practical Classics November 1995

Thrust Collar Information

MIG Welding DIY Guide

Carb "Weakening Device" for HD8 Carburetter

Paint Codes for Rover Cars

Rover Body Repair Panels

Rover 2000 Wheel Options

Alternator Modification Rover 2000 TC

Rear Brake Calipers - a research report (2 mg PDF)

P6 Front Suspension (from Spring 2010 "Roverview" from P. Olyslager Motor Manual 69)

P6 Brake Data