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> Look for the section "subscribing to the Rovernet"
> Here is an online Rovernet users' manual:  CLICK 
> There is also the "info page" where existing members can:

* Visit the ARCHIVES (type in your registered email address and PASSWORD)
*POST a message to the list via your browser  
*UNSUBSCRIBE from the list (at the bottom of the page)  
*EDIT YOUR OPTIONS such as ---- Unsubscribe
  ---- Have your PASSWORD reminder sent to you
  ---- Change your registered email address but retain membership of the Rovernet
  ---- Another place to have your PASSWORD mailed to you
  ---- Change your PASSWORD
  ---- Stop email messages while you are on holiday
  ---- Change to digest mode OR immediate mode for Rovernet messages
  ---- Select plain text or MIME digest messages
  ---- Receive your own posts to the Rovernet or NOT
  ---- Receive acknowledgment when you send messages to the list
  ---- Receive a password reminder ONCE a MONTH!
  ---- CONCEAL yourself from the membership list
  ---- Avoid duplicate copies of messages


Why do I have to use only Plain Text message format with the mailing list version of Rovernet?

And other discussions of mailing list etiquette (netiquette).

How to configure Earthlink to send Plain text
How to configure AOL to send Plain text for other versions of AOL, click the first link


Join the Yahoo Back-up List Here

(This is how the List Manager could contact you if the main server failed again and all the records were lost. We would be able to continue communications on this back-up list.)

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