RoveAmerica 2010, Sunday

Photographer: Eric Russell in collaboration with Steve Manwell

  • RA members outside Quincy Market
  • RA Rovers arrayed outside Abercrombie & Fitch. Very appropriate for the Land Rover perhaps.
  • Peter and Marie Heaster strolling through the classic Rovers
  • Black Rover 3 Litre - LLoyd Legrow, RCCC member, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, White Rover 3 Litre - Real Forest, RCCC member, Beaconsfield, (near Montreal), Quebec
  • Real Forest (RCCC member, summer hat) with hand on the shoulder of Kent Kinard, RCCC member, San Antonio, Texas
  • Rovers of; Nachman Kanovsky, RCCC member, New York (Corsica Blue, P6), Dirk Burrowes, RCCC Member, Massachusetts (P5b Admiralty Blue), Hank Manwell, Series 2 P6
  • Rovers outside historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • Keith Oxley (RCCC Member, Derby, UK) in discussion with our RA host, Dirk Burrowes (RCCC Member, Massachusetts)
  • Boston from the ferry to the Navy Yard
  • Our tour guide, Jo Manwell - gotcha!
  • RA members; Andre Shay, Marie and Peter Heaster (BC, Canada, RCCC), Alan Bottle (UK)
  • Bow of USS Constitution
  • Linda Russell crossing to the ship
  • Eric Russell pretending to pilot the ship