Rover 12 Now in Canada and Owned by a RCCC Member

  • Rover 12 Six Light Saloon (1)_1_0065
  • First Registration: 03.10.1938 (Thirty Eight) in the UK Original Registration: DAA 758


Make: Rover
Model: 12 - Six Light Saloon
First Registration: 03.10.1938 (Thirty Eight) in the UK
Original Registration: DAA 758
Chassis No: 911533
Engine No: 245537
Engine Capacity: 1496cm3
Body Color: Black / Cream
General Remarks:
- The original <Registration Book> is present (no V5)
- The original registration number is present
- The car still has the original engine
- The car passed in May 2006, the Swiss Mot and was registered in Switzerland until after the sale date
- The original color of the car is black but recently the sides have been painted cream (an Original color scheme)
The car was imported into Switzerland on the 6th of September 1982. The history before that is unknown. The person who imported the car started a complete restoration but eventually ran out of money and was forced to stop the project. A few years later the car was bought by a Garage specializing in British Classics where it was stored in a warehouse hidden away.
The current owner was looking for a British pre-war car to do a long distance rally.
This particular Rover seemed to be a good choice as most of the parts were around and the state was clearly visible as the car was disassembled. As an experienced rally driver the owner specified in detail the modifications to be made during the ground up restoration. After having invested a substantial amount of money and time the car has been finished in May 2006. It was then driven from Switzerland to the Cotswolds and back for a run-in. In the 2400kms driven within one week (!) no substantial faults have been found. After that the car has been thoroughly checked and serviced.
Extract of build specifications:
- Long-range steel tank with large diameter drain plug instead of original tank
- Lucas fuel filter and high performance fuel pump with pre installed spare
- Telescopic shock-absorbers on front axle (In addition to standard suspension)
- Recored radiator with fit high performance register and expansion tank
- New spring leaves manufactured to highest specifications possible
- New wheel bearings with waterproof grease
- Complete gearbox overhaul
- Freewheel replaced by overdrive
- Complete engine overhaul
- Starter motor overhaul
- Dynamo replaced by alternator
- Most of the components have been X-Rayed in order to find cracks
- Storage box instead of back seats
- High performance gel battery
- Strong tow hooks in front and rear
- Firewall in the back of the car
- High performance reverses light
- Additional H4 front lights with stone guards
- Completely new loom with high spec material
- Bright interior light
- Instruments overhauled
- Heater installed
- Window washer installed
- Two fire extinguishers installed

Important information:
Although built as a long distance rally car the car can be easily converted back to the normal specification. All modifications have been made in a way that they are reversible. In the sale of the car the original seat frames as well as a huge number of spare parts are included (e.g. Freewheel, Spring Leaves, etc.).
It has to be said that during the build no expense was spared and all components are made to the highest specification possible.
Long-Range Tank (steel) with big fuel filter and spare fuel pump
Interior (All rally equipment has been carefully hidden were possible)
Engine compartment
Storage box instead of back seats