The Rover P6 Glass Roof

Kent Kinard acquired one of the rare glass roofs made for a Rover P6. In addition, the roof came with pictures and references to some of its history. Kent sent the RCCC the pictures and the history as he knew it. When we published the pictures and what Kent knew, on the Rovernet, one of the original owners of the roof, Robert Arnold, was able to contribute and add more detail. The set of pictures contains Kent's description although we have changed the word describing the seat colour from brown to black.

The pictures are here: Kent and the Glass Roof

Robert Arnold's words as posted on the Rovernet are as follows:
The glass-roof Rover was my first Rover - and responsible for more than thirty years of Rover addiction. I bought it in 1976 when I was living in Rockland County, New York, about 15 miles north of NYC. I bought it through an ad in the paper from a guy in New Jersey. At the time, I was working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the city and the glass-roof gem was my daily driver. I'm still amazed that it survived three years of being parked in NYC without getting smashed.

The car was the most fun to drive of any car I've ever had (except perhaps for the '53 flat rad Morgan that I had way back in the 60s). Yes, it got wicked hot in the summertime, and while it did have A/C, it was useless because it couldn't overcome the greenhouse effect when you rolled up the windows, not to mention that using the A/C at anything below highway speeds caused the car to overheat. But with the windows down, it didn't get uncomfortably hot unless you got stuck in a traffic jam. And in any event, it was such a glorious ride that little things like sunstroke just didn't matter.

Somehow, Ron Jones found out about the car and contacted me to see if I wanted to sell it. The car was starting to show some serious rust-through and I couldn't afford to restore it, but couldn't stand letting it deteriorate any further so I decided to let him have it. I didn't want money, though, I wanted another Rover. So I told him that I'd trade it for a mint-condition, rust-free TC2000 and enough new spares to replace anything that might go wrong in the forseeable future. Plus, I got to keep my MagStars. He agreed and in the spring of 1979 I drove my baby down to San Antonio and did the trade for a pristine Arden Green TC that became my daily driver for the next five or six years.

If anyone has any questions about the Triplex Rover, don't hesitate to ask - otherwise I'll go back to lurking until I get another Rover.