Western Washington ABFM - Bellevue, WA, July 2006

Photographer: Kent Kinard

  • Right to Left: Neil Webb, Turmeric 1981 SD1; Malcolm Tait, Copperleaf Red 1970 TC 2000; Michael Tipper, 1971 3500 S; Michael Cane, Blue 1962 Rover 100; Eric Russell, Cameron Green 1969 TC 2000
  • Right to left: Michael Cane, 1962 Blue Rover 100; Eric Russell, 1969 Cameron Green TC 2000; Wayne Beyer, Grey 1989 Sterling 827 S; Peter Miller, White 1971 3500S.
  • Left to right: Seated: Slats Wolfe, Michael Tipper; Standing: Ruth Burgess, Marlene Sharman
  • Standing (Salmon top - Linda Russell); (Red top - Pauline Goggin)
  • Club meeting at high noon: Malcolm Tait, centre; Bill Goggin, right.
  • Club meeting: Bill Goggin, centre; Slats Wolf, right
  • Club Meeting: Front: Green chair- white shirt = Malcolm Tait, Front left: Grey chair - straw hat = Bill Goggin, Left of Bill: Ball cap = Slats Wolfe, Back row, left to right: Phil Hodge, Neil Webb, Eric Russell, Peter Miller, Kent Kinard, Wayne Beyer