Welcome to The Rover Car Club of Canada

This site is dedicated to those who love Rover cars. We have members in Canada, the U.S.A, Britain, Mexico, & Trinidad.

About the RCCC

The purpose of the Rover Car Club of Canada is to provide a means to help Club members in the maintenance, restoration, and enjoyment of their Rover vehicles.

The Club was formed in 1988 by a small group of enthusiastic Rover owners in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Initially, it was called the Rover Car Club of British Columbia but within a year expanded its range to become the Rover Car Club of Canada with registration of the name with the Rover Group and with British Motor Heritage.

The Club is somewhat unique and different from most other car clubs due to the limited number of Rovers in North America. So, although the Club was originated, and is based, in Vancouver, BC, the membership is distributed across Canada and the USA and has some members overseas. Communication among this widespread membership is accomplished by means of the Club magazine, The Roverview, the Website, the (original) Rovernet mailing list, and e-mail news bulletins. The Club also maintains contact with other Rover clubs worldwide.

To assist with the maintenance and restoration of Rovers, a dedicated group of volunteers has amassed a comprehensive assortment of parts which are stored in a well-organized parts facility at Chemainus, BC.

To promote the enjoyment of Rover ownership, the Club organizes a variety of activities and participates in events sponsored by other car clubs. Members are encouraged to drive their Rovers at every opportunity and take them to car events in their local area thereby keeping the Rover name alive and displaying One of Britain's Fine Cars to the world.