[ROVERNET - UK] P6B - Removing rear brakes

geffandjulie geffandjulie at comcast.net
Sat Mar 17 18:24:19 GMT 2007

I have removed the rear calipers several times without dropping the 
differential. As I remember, the tricky bits are loosening the connecting 
hose - tho' they can be removed with the hose attached - and twisting the 
caliper out forward. If you can bleed the rear calipers, you can remove 
them! Also the large bolts on the hinged mounts are difficult to loosen, but 
once out, the shafts are easily removed.
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> Hi Ray,
> I'm with Paul, don't mess around, drop the Diff.
> If you want to do it right, get it out where you can
> see it, you'll be supprised what you find.
> The hoses, the linkage,etc. and you can make sure that
> the adjusting mechanism is all working before you put
> it back.
> Peter Heaster
> British Columbia
> Canada
>> 1.  The book statement that you can get a socket on
>> the outer nut is Bunk.
>> 2.  I disconnect the half shafts and remove the
>> discs.  Access is then not bad.
>> 3.  Dropping the diff is not too hard and if you
>> want to do any seals on the diff, do it.
>> 4.  It is possible to get to the bleed screw on the
>> LH caliper.  As with Everything on a P6, possible
>> but not easy.
>> PVS
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>> Dear fellow Roverites,
>> I know this has been raised in the past but a lot of
>> water (not to mention
>> oil, coolant, trans fluid, PS fluid etc etc) has
>> flowed under the bridge
>> since. I am going to have to remove the rear brake
>> callipers from my P6B and
>> would like to hear from anyone who has any tips,
>> pearls of wisdom etc from
>> having done it before. I do have the Repair
>> Operation Manual and if I don't
>> get any responses will just follow that step by
>> step. However, I am aware
>> that those procedures are not necessarily the best
>> or most efficient way and
>> so if anyone knows of better and/or easier ways, it
>> will be you gentlemen. I
>> am not just going to replace the pads but also the
>> hoses as well as
>> recondition the callipers themselves.
>> I await, in roveranticipation,
>> Ray Wilkins,
>> 1976 P6B
>> Melbourne, Australia
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