[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch Problems

Steve L jaoa27 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 1 03:53:01 GMT 2007

If that nylon line to the slave cylinder was sucking in air, you would feel 
quite a loss of pedal (spongy feel as well).  If the clutch plate has not 
been in the car long enough for sufficient wear, make sure you adjust the 
slave cylinder pushrod to take up the slack from the worn clutch plate.  I 
am always surprised how many "mechanics" are not aware of the adjustment on 
the pushrod.

>Hi Group,
>I have had shifting problems with my '69 TC for years. I think the
>problem is in the clutch hydraulics. I don't think the clutch
>withdraws sufficiently. If I am waiting to move forward in first gear
>with my foot on the clutch it is sometimes hard to shift back in to
>neutral. I have changed master and slave cylinders with perhaps a
>temporary improvement and I usually bleed the slave with the cylinder
>off the car to get rid of air bubbles.. I think that the flexible
>nylon clutch pipe might suck air in when the clutch is released. I
>keep meaning to replace the flexible line with a solid one so see if
>that helps.
>I did hear of replacing the clutch slave cylinder with one with a
>slightly smaller bore - this should give a longer throw. Does anyone
>(Kent maybe?) know of such a cylinder? 

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