[ROVERNET - UK] Shifting Problem (post for friend)

Steve L jaoa27 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 1 03:53:19 GMT 2007

Thanks for the info.  When I go to my friends house to rectify this problem, 
I will definitely check for rear seal leakage, and a possible contaminated 
clutch plate.  I know the engine was rebuilt not too long ago.  I did not do 
that rebuild, so it is possible whoever did it used the old rear seal.  Too 
bad because I have a couple of them and would have supplied one (if this is 
the case).


>Our P4 100 has/had possibly related clutch issues.  When we bought it in
>'01, we knew that it became difficult to get into gear after it was
>warm.  The problem got worse over several months of active use.  I had
>to slip it into first just before coming to a full stop and keep it in
>gear, otherwise it would not go into gear from neutral with the engine
>>idling.  This led to a project to replace the clutch and rear main seal
>and resurface the flywheel.  My theory is that the leaky rear seal
>caused the clutch disk to get soaked with oil, and it swelled enough to
>drag.  With around 37,000 miles at the time the disk wasn't worn enough
>to compensate for the swelling / sticky surface.  I had the clutch
>linkage adjusted for maximum release with the pedal to the floor, with
>hardly any pedal travel at the other end of the range with the upper
>stop "adjusted" for more travel.......

>The new clutch transformed the shifting for the most part.  It is now
>happy to slip into first after idling in neutral and generally shifts
>nicely.  The previous owner is amazed to see how easily it goes through
>the gears when we visit and give him a ride.

>It is, however, still a little reluctant to go into 3rd when shifting on
>the move -- after it is warmed up.  I am suspicious that the synchro
>rings may have gotten abused over some years of use with the dragging
>clutch, and I guess that the sychro likes the viscosity of the gearbox
>oil best when it is cold.  I have been using engine oil in the gearbox,
>partly because it has a Laycock overdrive.  I intend to try Redline MTL
>which is a synthetic "manual transmission lube" that is supposed to give
>optimum friction for sychro operation, while providing lubrication for
>the gears.  It's popular with the Volvo crowd for manual gearbox cars,
>including those with overdrives, and the Redline tech said it should be
>good for a manual/overdrive application.  I didn't use the car much last
>year and never got 'round to this test, but will have to do it this season.

>--Steve Manwell 

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