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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 17:46:29 BST 2004

On each of my Rover 2000 restorations,I climbed
underneath the car after supporting it on 4
Jackstands. I proceeded to scrap off loose original
undercoating.  In order to get the pressure (upside
down and backwards) I ended up using a 1/2 inch or a 1
inch wood chisel.  As I was scraping I noticed veins
of rust running under most of the undercoating.  I
decided that I should remove it all.  When all the
undercoating was removed, I saw a variety of
conditions. I saw large expanses of unmarked paint
primed finish to a large network of rust from fine
veins to serious patches.

I used a rust inhibitor called "Extend". It contains
phosphoric acid which changes the iron oxide to iron
disulphide (which doesn't rust). However, other people
have tried "POR 15" to great effect and I would love
to try the stuff but I can't find it out here.

Anyway, I painted on the rust inhibitor firt.  Then I
painted on black Hammerite rust resiting enamel paint
to protect the Extend.

I finished with a spray-on black rubberized
undercoating similar to waht has been mentioned

This process holds up well.  It lasted for about 10
years before rust returned in the sill area.  The rest
of the underbody is in great condition.

I cut out the returned rust with an angle grinder and
welded in the same metal thickness but in stainless
steel I bought as scrap from a scrap dealer.  The
sills were welded by me using stainless 10 years ago
and are still in mint condition.  I expect the
dissimilar metal problem caught up with me after 10
years. The rust was in the 4 sill corners just beyond
the stainless sills.  Now the stainless extends

If you can catch the rust before it starts, that's the
best plan.  However, I found that Rover sill rust
seems to start from the inside out so by the time you
see it on the surface, it has a serious hold behind.


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