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I just completed this project;  for the base unit I first stripped down to
bare metal, then used a product called "Zero Rust".  For the underside of
the car I sprayed on a good undercoating;  most good body shop material
supply houses will recommend Bodyshutz as did a couple of custom painters
that I spoke to.  For the rest of the car, i.e. those portions that needed
to be painted, I then coated the Zerorust with hi-build epoxy primer, block
sanded, and went with a base coat/clear coat.

In the past on other cars that I wasn't doing a complete restoration job on,
I simply cleaned the undercoating, scraped off the loose stuff, and recoated
with a good undercoating.  You can get undercoating in either a spray can or
paint it on with a brush.


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> Could you place the following on rovernet
> I am progressively removing and repainting the panels on my P6.
> What do Roverneters recommend about repainting/refreshing the paint of the
> base unit.  The existing paint appears to be a bituminous substance.
> Thanks
> Roger Matheson
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