[ROVERNET - UK] Rover rescued

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Oct 13 04:16:06 BST 2004

Dear Netters,
Richard Elliott and I rescued an interesting vehicle yesterday.  I have 
posted information previously (I think) about Dr. Karl Birdsong and his 
2000TC's.  I bought one from him over the summer and was planning to go 
back for at least one more in January.  However, Dr. Birdsong very 
suddenly decided to move to assisted living (he is 92) and disposed of 
his driveable car before we could get there.  The one car we rescued and 
some of the parts we found have raised some questions for me.

Although I have been collecting pieces for a 2200TC for some time, I am 
relatively unfamiliar with the 2000/2200 cars.  The vehicle rescued is a 
very early "blue label" 1967 2000TC VIN# 41800306A and has 62K miles on 
the clock (condition bears this out, decent black leather, no rust.  The 
engine block is missing, but we managed to gather parts of two engines 
from the upstairs portion of the good doctor's barn along with a couple 
of transmissions and several radiators, including a very new looking TC 
radiator.  Among the pieces were three sets of engine mounts...one set 
of cast steel or iron, one set of welded-up/fabricated steel, and one 
set of alloy.  Which mounts would have been original to the car?  The 
front calipers on the car say "Dunlop" and there is at least one rear 
end assembly with Dunlop brakes in the assortment we gathered.  Would 
this car have been equipped with Dunlop brakes?

Kent K.

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