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According to Taylor's P6 book, this car would the 306th of 2,446 LHD 
export 2000TCs made for the 1966 model year.  Chris Devlin's -- bought 
recently by John Burkhard -- 1966 2000TC in California has Dunlop 
brakes.  Taylor's book also claims that Girling brakes replaced Dunlops 
for the 1967 model year. 

Dr. Birdsong's car may have taken a while to sell such that it was 
registered as a 1967 car.

Isn't this Rover-minutia fun?

--Steve Manwell

Kent Kinard wrote:

> Dear Netters,
> Richard Elliott and I rescued an interesting vehicle yesterday.  I 
> have posted information previously (I think) about Dr. Karl Birdsong 
> and his 2000TC's.  I bought one from him over the summer and was 
> planning to go back for at least one more in January.  However, Dr. 
> Birdsong very suddenly decided to move to assisted living (he is 92) 
> and disposed of his driveable car before we could get there.  The one 
> car we rescued and some of the parts we found have raised some 
> questions for me.
> Although I have been collecting pieces for a 2200TC for some time, I 
> am relatively unfamiliar with the 2000/2200 cars.  The vehicle rescued 
> is a very early "blue label" 1967 2000TC VIN# 41800306A and has 62K 
> miles on the clock (condition bears this out, decent black leather, no 
> rust.  The engine block is missing, but we managed to gather parts of 
> two engines from the upstairs portion of the good doctor's barn along 
> with a couple of transmissions and several radiators, including a very 
> new looking TC radiator.  Among the pieces were three sets of engine 
> mounts...one set of cast steel or iron, one set of 
> welded-up/fabricated steel, and one set of alloy.  Which mounts would 
> have been original to the car?  The front calipers on the car say 
> "Dunlop" and there is at least one rear end assembly with Dunlop 
> brakes in the assortment we gathered.  Would this car have been 
> equipped with Dunlop brakes?
> Roveresoterically,
> Kent K.
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