[ROVERNET - UK] gear change w/roll pin

Jim Cumberland fjcumberland at sc.rr.com
Mon Oct 4 03:33:16 BST 2004

After a series of the inevitable delays, I finally got time to poke around 
the gear change on my '71 NADA TC.  Rather than having a clamp bolt on the 
end of the shift rod, it has a roll pin.  Does anyone know of an easy means 
of adjusting the position of the gear change rod?  It looks like a bit of a 
tough job to make the adjustment by driving out the roll pin, making the 
adjustment, and holding everything in place while re-inserting the roll pin 
. . . .  I am assuming that this mechanism is a later one - am  I 
missing  another adjustment point?  Should I replace the clamp that uses 
the roll pin with one that uses a clamp bolt?



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