[ROVERNET - UK] Pertronix Ignition in Fuel injected SD1

Andrew Moss amoss at magma.ca
Mon Oct 4 03:28:14 BST 2004

Hi there,

I have just installed a Pertonix ignition module into my SD1 as the
Lucus system finally gave up. The car is a Australian spec. 1984 Vanden
Plas SD1 with federal fuel injection. The ignition seems to work
properly, but it has upset the fuel injection. I have taken the F.I.
pickoff directly from the negative of the coil. The car is now running
very rich if it runs at all. 

Has anyone else successfully done this conversion?  

Best regards,


1984 Vanden Plas SD1
1971 3500s
1949 P3 "75" 6 light

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