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James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 26 15:16:40 BST 2004

Steven Beer-In response to your comment on my offer to sell a book(offline
for $20). I have owned a restoration shop in Ft. Lauderdale for 29 years,
own Rovers, and am the only person locally who would service them. I owned a
shop in Cambruidge MASS., and actually serviced them while they were still
on the road in any numbers(usually run by MIT Professors or Last year
Harvard Business school Students) I have acquired a huge inventory of used
and rare NOS parts forRover2000, 3500S. I also have Factory parts books and
shop manuals I sell parts copies of, and other useful literature, including
this book. This book will save you a thousand dollars in mistakes, as it has
all been done before, and the rear axle is a complex question with several
solutions. I use Jaguar, MG, and Triumph sites to sell my parts,and help
enthusiasts all over the world. I have a tollfree number in the US, call me
anytime, as I give free advice.I have a  6000' warehouse crammed with
Classic British parts , Including things like Vanden Plas Princess.    I
would like to help Rover owners by selling some of these rare parts-Someone
asked weeks ago about finding new rear stabilizer link bushings for the bent
3500s arms-I have new arms. Every other club site has a Classified section;
Rovernet apparently does not. If it did, you would see my paid ad, offering
this book for $20, along with a hundreds of other parts Rover owners need.
It does not, so I must offer the part in the online discussion , and hope
people who need it respond Usually they do not, readers don't realize  what
I have, and everyone loses. Until Rovernet sees fit to offer a classified
section, I will just offer to help, and if someone misunderstsnds my
intentions, I am sorry; Complain to the website; get a classified section,
and you might have a list of my rare parts, and those of others. James Dean,
Old English Motor Company, Ft. Lauderdale. Phone 954 524 8277, tollfree 1
877 524 8787, jaguru at bellsouth.net
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> I have found the people on Rovernet to be wonderfully helpful and
> generous. Severeal times, however, on this and other lists, when one
> asks a question, the response is "join our club and you will have your
> question answered" or "I'll sell you a book to answer that question".
> I strongly feel that information of this nature should be in the public
> domain and to restrict this information, if it is available -- or simply
> requires one answer, is wrong -- particularly since I feel we need all
> the help we can to keep these cars on the road.
> I fully realize that a great deal of effort goes into archiving
> information and people's time needs to be compensated in some fashion.
> Having said that I believe any information critical to the maintenance
> of these vehicles should be accessable without restriction.
> Regards,
> Stephen Beer
> http://www.beerinc.com/tuesday
> http://www.autorestyle.com
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