[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Public Domain Rover Information

Stephen Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Thu Aug 26 13:59:45 BST 2004

I have found the people on Rovernet to be wonderfully helpful and 
generous. Severeal times, however, on this and other lists, when one 
asks a question, the response is "join our club and you will have your 
question answered" or "I'll sell you a book to answer that question".

I strongly feel that information of this nature should be in the public 
domain and to restrict this information, if it is available -- or simply 
requires one answer, is wrong -- particularly since I feel we need all 
the help we can to keep these cars on the road.

I fully realize that a great deal of effort goes into archiving 
information and people's time needs to be compensated in some fashion. 
Having said that I believe any information critical to the maintenance 
of these vehicles should be accessable without restriction.

Stephen Beer

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