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Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Wed Aug 18 19:56:34 BST 2004


> >Thanks for the great response!  Upon further thought, I am becoming
> >convinced that my problem lies in the adjustment, not in the ball.
> >FWIW, the car has had a VERY loud buzzing noise from the gear stick
> >for as long as I can remember - it goes away if I rest my hand on
> >the gear knob.
I have had a number P6's over the years all with over 100,000 miles on the
clock and all but 1 with the original  gear lever in them.
You mention loud buzzing in the gear lever.This may be the cause of the
rapid decay.
       Only one of my manual cars has buzzed.This is one of the current S,s
we own.
The buzzing was due to drive shaft ballance & cross problems. So far I have
replaced half shaft crosses with a slight improvement ,and the drive shaft
has had both crosses replaced ,a much bigger improvement .Unfortunately the
expert company who did the job ballanced the drive shaft with the crosses
aligned and while removing one of the crosses has marked the shaft where the
aligment arrow was so though I took the workshop manual back down to them to
correct the alignment ,I dont think it is quite correct.The vibration is
much less than it has ever been .Make sure that the tail shaft mount on the
diff is also secure as this can also add to the problem.
Make sure that the arrows at the splined section are correctly aligned as
this is a big cause of vibration.In fact it can cause so much vibration that
the handling of the car can be greatly reduced.
I have also heard that a few years ago there was a batch of spare crosses
that were defective and out of ballance.
Another cause of vibration in one car was the  tread on a batch of tyres was
lifting moving sideways causing vibration thru thre drive train.this took me
a long time to find.

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