[ROVERNET - UK] gear selector arm

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Wed Aug 18 16:53:20 BST 2004

>Hi all,
>Thanks for the great response!  Upon further thought, I am becoming 
>convinced that my problem lies in the adjustment, not in the ball. 
>FWIW, the car has had a VERY loud buzzing noise from the gear stick 
>for as long as I can remember - it goes away if I rest my hand on 
>the gear knob.

The buzz could be because the nylon seat the shift lever sits in worn 
or, more likely, the selector "finger" has lost its rubber bit. Put 
the car in third gear, there should be hardly any freeplay in the 
gearlever in that position. If there is a lot of play and you know 
the gearlever ball is intact, it is either the finger or the lever 
seat (though of course all the rubbber bushes between the gearshift 
and the transmission could be toast, but I would expect extreme 
problems selecting gears then, not just an annoyance).


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