[ROVERNET - UK] NADA air conditioning compressor & sloppy gearchange - 2000 TC

Fritz Rauschenberg wfritz at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 17 11:06:35 BST 2004

I solved the "rubber ball" on the end of the shift lever problem by having an
automotive machine shop braze a brass ball on the end of it the same size as the
rubber one. It makes very little noise and works well. Brass is softer than the steel
coupler it fits into so it will be the part to wear(and eventually be replaced).
Fritz Rauschenberg
Atlanta, GA USA
69 TC Fed A/C

Jim Cumberland wrote:

> Hi list,
> Now that my stuck clutch is free again, I'm on to the next issues.
> The first is the gear change - it is a Series II mechanism.  The adjustment
> appears to be off - the lever moves very far forward of vertical to get
> first (especially) & third,, and very far aft of vertical to get
> reverse.  2nd & 4th are almost vertical.  Also, the reverse light switch
> does not engage - the metal tab on the shift mechanism does not hit the
> switch.  Obviously, I can adjust the tab for the reverse gear switch from
> inside the car.  Are there any trick to adjusting the mechanism (I confess
> it's been a while since I've checked a manual . . . ).
> The other issues involves the AC compressor, and probably is a question for
> the US listers.  I need a new compressor, but cannot find any part numbers
> on the one that is one the car. I don't want to disable the car by removing
> the compressor unless necessary.  I have a parts/repair manual for a York
> Type 63 compressor.  Does that sound right?  Are there any more modern
> (i.e., efficient/reliable) upgrades.
> As always, any assistance is most appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Jim
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