[ROVERNET - UK] NADA air conditioning compressor & sloppy gea r change - 2000 TC

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Aug 17 02:59:01 BST 2004

2nd & 4th should be 10 degrees back of vertical.
It is possible to access the shift arm that is held by a clamp bolt (1/2"
head I think) from under the car and sliding the shaft forward a tad, but it
isn't an easy operation.  Hard part is retightening it without disturbing
the new position.


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Hi list,

Now that my stuck clutch is free again, I'm on to the next issues.

The first is the gear change - it is a Series II mechanism.  The adjustment 
appears to be off - the lever moves very far forward of vertical to get 
first (especially) & third,, and very far aft of vertical to get 
reverse.  2nd & 4th are almost vertical.  Also, the reverse light switch 
does not engage - the metal tab on the shift mechanism does not hit the 
switch.  Obviously, I can adjust the tab for the reverse gear switch from 
inside the car.  Are there any trick to adjusting the mechanism (I confess 
it's been a while since I've checked a manual . . . ).

The other issues involves the AC compressor, and probably is a question for 
the US listers.  I need a new compressor, but cannot find any part numbers 
on the one that is one the car. I don't want to disable the car by removing 
the compressor unless necessary.  I have a parts/repair manual for a York 
Type 63 compressor.  Does that sound right?  Are there any more modern 
(i.e., efficient/reliable) upgrades.

As always, any assistance is most appreciated!


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