[ROVERNET - UK] NADA air conditioning compressor & sloppy gearchange - 2000 TC

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 17 03:00:41 BST 2004


As I recall, the P6 gear lever should be angled a few degrees forward (5
deg, if memory serves but don't rely on that, look it up) while in neutral.
Sounds like your lever mechanism has slipped and moved even further forward;
they seem to be prone to doing that.  I used to readjust mine periodically.
Check the manual for adjustment procedure.

Too bad about the compressor;  I gave one away last year but seem to recall
that it was a York;  don't recall the model number.


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> Hi list,
> Now that my stuck clutch is free again, I'm on to the next issues.
> The first is the gear change - it is a Series II mechanism.  The
> appears to be off - the lever moves very far forward of vertical to get
> first (especially) & third,, and very far aft of vertical to get
> reverse.  2nd & 4th are almost vertical.  Also, the reverse light switch
> does not engage - the metal tab on the shift mechanism does not hit the
> switch.  Obviously, I can adjust the tab for the reverse gear switch from
> inside the car.  Are there any trick to adjusting the mechanism (I confess
> it's been a while since I've checked a manual . . . ).
> The other issues involves the AC compressor, and probably is a question
> the US listers.  I need a new compressor, but cannot find any part numbers
> on the one that is one the car. I don't want to disable the car by
> the compressor unless necessary.  I have a parts/repair manual for a York
> Type 63 compressor.  Does that sound right?  Are there any more modern
> (i.e., efficient/reliable) upgrades.
> As always, any assistance is most appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Jim
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