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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Fri Aug 13 19:33:03 BST 2004

>Dave, and all others who offered advice, thanks for the info.   I would
>imagine that the spring company that you pointed me towards, Dave, lists the
>same spring for both because they are physically interchangeable.  However
>the spring rates are different, the 3500 springs being stiffer and the free
>lengths are a bit different.  I would like to use a set of 3500 springs to
>improve handling and should be able to find a used set here in Los Angeles,
>probably from Duane Kennard.  But the best of all worlds would be to use new
>springs;  I will contact the 'mob in Oz' to see what they can offer.

Before importing springs across the oceans, I would go to any decent 
local spring manufacturer and get then to quote on making a set up 
for you. If they have a sample spring for dimensions and know the 
rate required, it is simple to make a set. It is also possible to 
re-heat treat old spring to return them to original condition, and it 
is even possible to increase the spring rate by removing some of the 
spring and then stretching it back to the original free length. This 
steepens the helix angle, which has the effect of stiffening (it also 
increases the local stress on the spring, but that's an entire other 


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