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Hi Vern

I already tried the custom spring route and got quotes of around $250 each!
And so far no one will touch a coil spring although there are plenty of
shops who will re-arch and re-temper leaf springs.  The search continues.

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> >Dave, and all others who offered advice, thanks for the info.   I would
> >imagine that the spring company that you pointed me towards, Dave, lists
> >same spring for both because they are physically interchangeable.
> >the spring rates are different, the 3500 springs being stiffer and the
> >lengths are a bit different.  I would like to use a set of 3500 springs
> >improve handling and should be able to find a used set here in Los
> >probably from Duane Kennard.  But the best of all worlds would be to use
> >springs;  I will contact the 'mob in Oz' to see what they can offer.
> >
> >Tom
> Before importing springs across the oceans, I would go to any decent
> local spring manufacturer and get then to quote on making a set up
> for you. If they have a sample spring for dimensions and know the
> rate required, it is simple to make a set. It is also possible to
> re-heat treat old spring to return them to original condition, and it
> is even possible to increase the spring rate by removing some of the
> spring and then stretching it back to the original free length. This
> steepens the helix angle, which has the effect of stiffening (it also
> increases the local stress on the spring, but that's an entire other
> discussion)
> Yours
> Vern
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