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Hi Ray,
  That's where I got to when I rebuilt the rear callipers on a 2000 some
10 years ago.  When everything spun I gave up on removing the discs and
followed the book route.

Vaguely I remember having photocopied the page and clipped it up under
the body somewhere convenient.  Following the instructions I removed the
handbrake from the bell cranks and unbolted it from the diff.  It was
all fairly straightforward (with the appropriate muttering and
straining).  I might have taken the calliper pivot shaft covers off with
a spanner.  With the pads out there is plenty of room around the discs
without removing them.  I also did not disconnect the pipe between the
two callipers. 

My overwhelming memory of the process is getting a sore neck from
lifting my head up to see.  Lying on your back at the right arm length
doesn't give good visibility.

Oh and I had a fluoro light hook up somewhere so there was plenty of

Getting the pads out and in is probably the hardest part.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my initial post of many weeks
ago. I
have finally got around to start and decided to go with Paul Smith's
and disconnect the half shafts so I can get more room. I won't drop the
as space is very limited.

My question is this; does anyone have good ideas for ways to stop the
from revolving so I can remove the holding bolts. I notice from the
these bolts are tightened to 85 lb ft!! This will make it even harder to

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne Australia

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