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There were several different alternative wheels and trims

1 Rostyles (Home and *some* export markets - 2000TC only.)=20

2 Knock on wires (-ditto- and ceased to be available after about 1969 as
factory option)

3 Magnum 500 - this is a Rostyle look alike, and which was as far as I =
solely a NADA option for 2000TCs and required special hubs with a =
(Ford) stud pattern with a smaller PCD. This, as far as I know, had been
withdrawn by the time the 3500S became available.=20

4 "Magstar" made by Kelsey-Hayes and which was a composite wheel where a
steel rim was riveted to an alloy centre. These were available for the
Federal 3500S and didn't need special fittings. They are a bit of an
acquired taste for those used to more sedate appearances (like scoops on =
hood, but they do grow on you)


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I thought that the 3500S NADA was only fitted with the look a like =
hubcaps and the stud size is different. Perhaps I am mistaken but I have
never seen a 3500S without the cheesy hubcaps that was considered stock.

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