[ROVERNET - UK] More parts found !

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Tue Mar 6 21:23:49 GMT 2007

Hi Rover people, 

     Here are a few more parts I just came up with. 
If all goes well I'll be getting to the really large inventory and will be
posting here much more regularly. 

     2 x P6 & P6b  front side lamp assembly (Parking/ directional lamp)
one complete with clear lenses top and bottom, one complete with Amber
lenses. These are brand new in the box and perfect. Could change lenses if
you need that.
  Lucas Pt.# 52633 Amber,  52634 for the clear one

                                   100.00 ea  or  175 for the pair. 

     1 x P6 & P6b rear lamp assembly brand new and complete . Perfect . No
box, it was too old and fell apart as I opened it. # 54346 
     1 x P5 Three Litre (early) 1959 & 1960  Directional switch. Brand new
, perfect in the box. This fits Mk I cars and maybe very early MK IIs. 
     Rover Pt # 512263  Lucas #  31803  

     1 x P5 Three Litre Mk III Directional switch. Perfect and in the box. 
Lucas Pt #  34939. 

     2 x P6 & P6b ( 2000 & 3500 ) headlamp flasher switch . This is the
stalk switch that flashes the headlamps when you pull towards the wheel.

                                             30.ea both for 50.00

     2 x P6b Water pumps Part # 603046  . These are water pumps for the
early P6b without fan clutches. They will bolt on to all V8 engines . I
have used these on vehicles without A/c or on cars that have been
converted to no water pump fan and an elecrtical fan . This is a great
conversion . 

         If you want one or both of these pumps make a reasonable offer. 
These are brand new in the Rover boxes. 

    I still have the brand new in the box P5 MkIII fuse box  and the P5
wiper motor brand new in the Lucas box. The gentleman that said he was
taking them never sent to money so here they are again. Make a reasonable

         1st person to say they want anything gets it . Thanks for your

Pete McArdle   631 725 3921     or   fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us

PS. I found a brand new and in the box with all pieces and insrtuctions, 
oil cooler, for a Jaguar Mk II , Mk IX, Mk X and any other 6 cylinder car
of that vintage. ( except XKE)
This is a new Mogul unit not a dried out old thing. I ordered it for a
customer and he never showed up to pay for it.  Any one out there playing
with Jags as well as Rovers.   If you want it make a reasonable offer and
I'll send it out. 

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