[ROVERNET - UK] Brake hook-up

Fletcher gofanu at usachoice.net
Sun Apr 22 05:45:59 BST 2007

Odd that Rover doesn't show how to hook up the pipes, maybe they figure 
you can figure it out!

 The simple fact is that it's just physics; regardless of how it "was" 
or is "supposed to be" -- there's only one thing that works. Any pocket 
that is closed at the top will hold air and therefore cannot be bled - 
there must be a top exit port.
***This means that fluid has to go in low and come out high.***
 So, for a single bleed screw system with two cylinders, the fluid goes 
in low, exits high, enters the other side low, and exits high at the 
bleed screw.

It is expected that all of these cars today have been apart and had many 
things changed, DO NOT assume that "how it was" is even close. Fittings 
can be very misleading; ports are commonly machined with tools that make 
one type of port that is suitable for multiple different fittings, and 
these things are not necessarily reversible. Bleed screw ports are the 
same thread and sometimes the same bottom configuration as the threaded 
hose or tube end ports. One common port is for the round nose long 
3/8-24 hose end or male tube/bubble flare nut, but is more often used 
with a short 3/8 -24 copper gasket sealed hose, or banjo bolts with the 
same copper gaskets,  at caliper and other cylinder ports. There are 
similar and perhaps more common tapered end/double flare hoses, which 
will deform to round end in a round bottom port. . There are inverted 
flare pipe ends that use the same male nut as double or bubble flare 
fittings. This can confuse the hell out of you, but it can also be used 
to advantage when forced to make do - which again leads to mystery the 
next time round.

There are in fact a few demented systems which do not follow these rules 
- though it's usually a case of the wrong but similar parts fitted, and 
they are a PITA to service; if you meet this particular Buddha in the 
road, definitely kill it.


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