[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s rear calipers

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Sat Apr 21 14:34:24 BST 2007

The stem on most 3500s models does opperate the turn signals and the high 
beam flash...however I have one car that the stem works the turn signals as 
well as controll the high and low beam of the headlights...the latter is 
unusual because any other 3500s that I have driven have used a foot switch 
for the high/low beam.

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> I'm just reattaching the calipers and want to double check.........the top 
> brake hose goes to the brake line, and the bottom hose goes to the other 
> caliper...........my mind is slipping ...........
> Also i have got another dip switch for the headlights.........i assume its 
> from a later car as it has a different connecter and has 2 lights on the 
> switch..................it looks like i'll have to take the connector off 
> and solder the wires from the old one which was rusty and bent as the 5 
> wires only stick out of the harness 1/2 an inch to 1 inch and i've got 2 
> in at best and by the time i wiggle 3 in i've pulled one 
> out..............i was ready to burn it in the garage rather than buther 
> the connector but thought better of it..........the garage is attached to 
> the house   LOL...........my question is the switch moves up and down also 
> ...............does it work the highs and low beams independently or what
> Thanks again
> Bill Robertson
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