[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Rover P6 Bonnet Badge

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 18:40:23 BST 2007

 A few years ago I listed a very nice, but used P6 series 1 grille badge
on ebay.  I expected to get maybe $15-20 US for it, and was astounded when
it finally sold for over $100.  So it does seem this stuff is scarce, and
in demand.

Geoff Kirkpatrick

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> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6 Bonnet Badge
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> This is absolute lunacy! Ebay have a P6 Series 2 bonnet badge (Item no.
> 290105715099) for a 'Buy it now' price of GBP 120.00. Unbelievable! I
> will
> be interested to see if anyone is actually willing to fork out that
> amount
> of money for this badge. OK so it is NOS but really!
> Ray Wilkins
> 1976 P6B
> Melbourne Autsralia

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