[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC starting woes

Jim Cumberland fjcumberland at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 14 02:21:12 BST 2007

Mine did the same thing shortly after I bought it - random starting kind of stuff.  I never got to checking the starter relay, as I tried the solenoid first, and that was the cause.


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I am going to get the TC out of storage and the chap storing it has told me 
it is not starting..........I had an embarassment at the start of a rally in 
the fall where it failed to turn over at the starting line and had to be 
pushed started......(i won by the way, even with the push start).......It 
however never acted up again.........The starter is newish so i'm assuming 
the solenoid is acting up..........although someone mentioned a starter 
relay........(ok where is it, or do they mean the solenoid)..........can the 
solenoid be rebuilt .....i have a few spares down the basement, but they 
look mighty cruddy..................I'm thinking if i go up to storage i'll 
have to put a direct power line to the starter to get it turning over to 
start........all uphill at his place

Bill Robertson

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