[ROVERNET - UK] Retrofit a P6 SC engine to a TC

Pjemail at aol.com Pjemail at aol.com
Wed May 25 09:30:54 BST 2005

Dear Eric,

I assume that the free engine is complete with carbs etc. If so, all they probably need is to change the exhaust manifold and front pipe for the SC fron pipe.

Alternatively, if the head from their original TC is OK they coukd transplant the head and make it a TC engine, using their old carbs etc.

Finally, they could consider putting a new 2200 TC head on it and making it a real 2200 TC. (We have these available at a reasonable price). They could keep their original inlet manifold and therefore the HS8 carbs.

In short, I do not see that the fact it is an SC engine should create insuperable problems.


Pierre Janusz

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