[ROVERNET - UK] Power steering to Manual Steering for SD1

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Sun May 22 03:23:15 BST 2005

Hi Andrew,
I have done this conversion.  It requires more than just the manual 
rack.  You need a different intermediate shaft as well.  Your money 
would be better spent getting a good rebuild on the present rack and 
pump.  I still have the LHD manual rack if anyone is interested.

I don't know about RHD racks but there were four different LHD racks 
supplied on NAS SD1's-Burman (the most common), Alford and Adler 
(illustrated in the parts manual), AdWest, and CamGear. The last was 
evidently supplied only as a replacement but is also the easiest to 
rebuild, since it is basicly the same as the unit CamGear supplied to 
Volvo. I gather that CamGear supplied RHD units as well since Miles 
Winchester spotted one on an Australian car a few weeks ago. He 
commented that he had found an SD1 with a "Volvo rack" but I think there 
are some dimentional differences which keep the two racks from being 
identical, but I don't know. Miles didn't say if the car was a Series 1 
or Series 2.  I have never seen the AdWest, but I have the other three 
on the shelf.  For the brave (or foolhardy) I have an Alford and Adler 
rebuild kit and core.

I posted this information previously but it has probably been several 
years ago.

Kent K.

Andrew Moss wrote:
> Hi Roverneetters,
> I have a 1984 SD1 with a leaking power steering rack and power steeering
> pump. Has anyone converted a PAS SD1 to manual steering rack? Does
> anyone know if the ratio is different?
> Thanks
> Andrew
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