[ROVERNET - UK] Power steering to Manual Steering for SD1

Franc Buxton fab at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Fri May 20 15:44:38 BST 2005

Andrew Moss wrote:
> Hi Roverneetters,
> I have a 1984 SD1 with a leaking power steering rack and power steeering
> pump. Has anyone converted a PAS SD1 to manual steering rack? Does
> anyone know if the ratio is different?
	[Franc wakes up from several months of lurking...]

	Hi, Andrew (and the rest of you guys!),

	Yes, the ratio is different (4.5 turns vs. 2.75, IIRC), and
it turns a sports car into a bus. Don't do it if you can possibly find
another way out. Trust me! ;>) (I haven't done that conversion, but I have
driven both, and done the opposite one. There is no comparison!)


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