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I tend to agree. Not many cars appreciate in value other than the rare
exoticas. I certainly wouldn't pay 80k for anything MG-Rover made, but I
guess the ZT260 will become an instant classic being the last MG with
some real muscle. Reminds me of the P76 Force V7, a striking looking
coupe version of the ill-fated P76 powered by the same 4.4 alloy V8.
Only a dozen or so were made before Leyland Australia shut down in 1975.
They are now worth a fortune.... if only one had the foresight and cash
to match it at the time, but $4,000 was a lot of money back then....


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They're still pretty expensive.  Even at say AUS$40k for a club 75.  The
last of the SD1s in around '86/'87 were being offered at around $60k.
Expensive cars.  By the early nineties they were down to $10k-15k. Given
the quality of used cars, I find it hard to justify more than about $10k
on a car.  By that time depreciation isn't so much of an issue and it
doesn't take too much out of the home loan.  

Still someone has to buy them new.  Good luck to those at the auction.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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