[ROVERNET - UK] Question on Rover SD1 Front Suspension / Damp er Removal & Exchange

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Thu May 12 23:26:06 BST 2005

2. Help! While trying to get the steering arm ball joint in place again (to
maintain the strut against rotation in the above exercise) the nyloc nut
made the bolt from the ball joint "drive ill" (I dont'now if that's the
right expression?). 
    Is this normal, i.e., is this bolt not maintained against rotation or is
my ball joint defective (hopefully not!)? I gently got the ball joint out
with a screwing-extractor (no hammer...).
I think you mean it started to rotate, so that the nut would not tighten?
This is fairly common in worn joints.  No, they are not keyed to prevent
rotation, they rely on joint stiffness (fine when new) and the taper of the


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