[ROVERNET - UK] Question on Rover SD1 Front Suspension / Damper Removal & Exchange

pj.info pj.info at bluewin.ch
Wed May 11 22:38:40 BST 2005


I am about to replace the dampers in the the front struts of my SD1. I got new ones from Rimmers (Koni) with the corresponding "screwable tops" (no edges but two holes for screwing...). 
My question is: how can I remove the original "screwable tops" from the struts? They are a bit rusty and seem to need some special proprietary tool (diameter ~55mm with 4 cross-tags).
An idea would be to try to unscrew the top just a bit "in site" with some kind of big plumbing pliers (what if it does'nt grip)? Is there any hint or better idea on this topic?

Do they really have to use such proprietary tools... For the new "screwable tops", I think it would be possible to build the tool with a flat alu bar and 2 screws of the correct diameter in order to tighten the new tops. Does this need to be screwed specially tight (vibrations,...)?

Many thanks to all the Rovernetters for the help.

Best regards,

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