[ROVERNET - UK] Electrical mystery on P6

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Fri May 6 01:47:42 BST 2005

Not a good idea to remove battery whilst alt is running, as it is the 
primary load for the alternator. You may get overvoltage as the 
regulator can only "regulate" if the battery is connected.

As has been mentioned below, the available volts are too low ... maybe 
brushes, slip rings and associated joints need attention.

South Oz

Paul Smith wrote:
> One alternator has builtin reg, the other (off TC) has remote electronic
> reg.  Only the main output of alternator goes through the RB340, the field
> current is controlled by alternator reg.
> Both respond the same at 1500rpm after starting engine, haven't tested their
> voltages with battery disconnected.
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> Alternator needs to put out at least 14.5V to chg batt. Might be the
> regulator.

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