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Your situation was different (complicated and interesting, too), but your explanation was helpful generally before I tend to mine.  Thanks, Gordon.

> To Eric and Gordon,
>     To go back a ways: The tach worked when I purchased the car last March.
> I installed an electronic ignition (Petronix) and the tach continued working
> for at least four months and then it stopped. Once in a while it would work
> erratically and sometimes not at all.
>     I  finally found a schematic and with the help of an auto electrician
> found the problem. The tach was wired to the positive side of the tach
> instead of the negative side. The wiring is quite simple.
>     In my case I have an SC model that was converted to a TC model. The SC
> Model did not come with a tach. Also I have a ballast resister mounted on
> the side of the coil bracket.
>     The wiring is such. The tach has two wires coming from the induction
> bracket on the back of the tach. One goes to the negative side of the coil.
> The other one is hooked to the black wire that comes from the electronic
> ignition inside the distributor.
>     The red wire form the electronic ignition goes to the positive side of
> the coil.
>     The dual wire(two wires hook into one female fitting) goes to the
> positive side of the coil and the short second wire goes to one side of the
> ballast resistor. The other black wire from the switch goes to the other
> side of the ballast resistor.
>     This may or may not be your application. Paul and Rob may be of some
> help. But if you do not have a ballast resistor or an electronic ignition
> the "Owners Maintenance Manual" has a good schematic. I hope this helps.
> Larry
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