[ROVERNET - UK] P6 tach problem

Larry lewill at ctcweb.net
Tue May 3 18:10:54 BST 2005

To Eric and Gordon,
    To go back a ways: The tach worked when I purchased the car last March.
I installed an electronic ignition (Petronix) and the tach continued working
for at least four months and then it stopped. Once in a while it would work
erratically and sometimes not at all.
    I  finally found a schematic and with the help of an auto electrician
found the problem. The tach was wired to the positive side of the tach
instead of the negative side. The wiring is quite simple.
    In my case I have an SC model that was converted to a TC model. The SC
Model did not come with a tach. Also I have a ballast resister mounted on
the side of the coil bracket.
    The wiring is such. The tach has two wires coming from the induction
bracket on the back of the tach. One goes to the negative side of the coil.
The other one is hooked to the black wire that comes from the electronic
ignition inside the distributor.
    The red wire form the electronic ignition goes to the positive side of
the coil.
    The dual wire(two wires hook into one female fitting) goes to the
positive side of the coil and the short second wire goes to one side of the
ballast resistor. The other black wire from the switch goes to the other
side of the ballast resistor.
    This may or may not be your application. Paul and Rob may be of some
help. But if you do not have a ballast resistor or an electronic ignition
the "Owners Maintenance Manual" has a good schematic. I hope this helps.

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