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Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 29 03:07:04 BST 2004

Larry, as already stated the loop is the ignition pickup and is in series 
with the coil and points. (Lo tension side) The tach is very simple. If it 
will not spring to life with a tap then there are a few internals that will 
likely be bad due to age. I apologize to all others who are also old-not 
necessarily bad, just close to failure. If I remember correctly there are 
two transistors, a diode or two and several capacitors enclosed in the tach. 
The transistors and diodes can be checked easliy by an electronics tech-do 
you have any friends? If these test good and maybe just as a good precaution 
change the capacitors. They are cheap and cannot be counted on to last more 
than 20years. They often do but often don't also. The tach will have to be 
calibrated afterwards. Again if you have a techy friend they will be able to 
calibrate it. (a signal of 12000Hz would be needed to set the tach to 
3000Rpm.) If not then drive down the highway in 4th and approximate the 
setting by Mph. (22Mph/1000 Rpm. Hope this helps, Ron.

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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] tachometer
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>The tach stopped working on my P6. Does anyone have a schematic of the
>wiring for this tach. On the back there are five wires. One goes to ground.
>One goes to the light. One is a hot wire. Two are hooked up to the 
>loop? And these two have power to them when the key  is on but the engine 
>not running. Could this be the problem? Tached out. Larry
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