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Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Thu Oct 28 22:35:09 BST 2004

This is what year?

The early units had the low voltage wire from the dizzie to the coil looped
through the tach.  They will often be +12v (when points are open).
My tach on TC tends to stick at 0; flick the front and the needle springs to
the correct position.


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The tach stopped working on my P6. Does anyone have a schematic of the
wiring for this tach. On the back there are five wires. One goes to ground.
One goes to the light. One is a hot wire. Two are hooked up to the induction
loop? And these two have power to them when the key  is on but the engine is
not running. Could this be the problem? Tached out. Larry

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