[ROVERNET - UK] 1971 Rover p5b coupe

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 17 21:18:50 BST 2004

It sounds like Someone needs to start a US P5B register .I have a 1968 RHD
Saloon, less engine.I will probably sell it soon to theCaribbean-oriented
bodyshop across the street- it needs to belong to a good metalworker.
Jamaicans who see it always reminisce of the one on their headmaster or
other influentual person owned, when they grew up in Kingston.So. it should
get restoration and respect.
          I have 2 questions. I have listed a good 2000 Dashtop for sale on
Ebay, as fitting all 1960's 2000. The US 3500S uses a different dashtop.
Will this dashtop fit1970's non US 2000 and 2200, and what about non US
      Second, I have listed a nice  late style Rostyle on Ebay, and am going
to list some early Rostyles, and some late style Magstars.What is the change
point from early to late, and is it the same on non US cars? Finally, if
someone wants hubcaps- I have found  Magstars work best with P5B hubcaps,
though will include an MG midget  cap when it sells;What is the Mustang cap
someone mentioned? Do P6 Rostyles take the same cap as P5B, and what is the
best source. ?These wheels will probably go to Europe.Also what lugnuts do
Magstars take? They are different thanRostyles, and the ones I believe
correct do not look correct. Thank You James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale
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> Hello to every one I have been reading these pages for
> a few months now and this has been the first chance I
> have had to write in. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah
> and I do have a 1971 rover p5b coupe yes it is a right
> hand drive, I was curious just how many p5b's had made
> it to the USA
> I have got family in London trying to find one or two
> parts with great success, But for now she is resting
> in my garage away from the harsh Utah elements I am
> trying to get her ready for the British car shows next
> summer and any help or advice would be greatly
> appreciated
> Regards Bang Bang
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