[ROVERNET - UK] 1971 Rover p5b coupe

Ian Chitty ian61392 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 17 16:27:51 BST 2004

Hello to every one I have been reading these pages for
a few months now and this has been the first chance I
have had to write in. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah
and I do have a 1971 rover p5b coupe yes it is a right
hand drive, I was curious just how many p5b's had made
it to the USA    

I have got family in London trying to find one or two
parts with great success, But for now she is resting
in my garage away from the harsh Utah elements I am
trying to get her ready for the British car shows next
summer and any help or advice would be greatly
Regards Bang Bang

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