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Just a small correction to the info that you provided, Larry.  Although I
converted to 15 inch wire wheels, I chose tires with an aspect ratio that
maintained the original outside diameter in order to keep the speedometer
correct.  One must be careful when changing tire sizes because the space is
limited under the rear wings and rubbing can occur if you go too wide or too
large in diameter with the tires.  I did, however, install the 3500 diff
which does make the car cruise at lower engine speed and provides a stronger


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> Bill,
>     There is Conversion Components in New Zealand that also has a kit to
> convert a TC to a five speed. The transmission is a T50 from a Toyoto
> Corolla. This will reduce the RPM's at highway speed. Another way is to
> install a 3500 rearend into a TC. Ian Potts told me that the reduction is
> about ten percent. Tom Trafton installed 15 inch tires and this would also
> be a way to reduce the RPM's. The tires have to be a larger diameter than
> the stock tires. I hope this is helpful. Larry
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