[ROVERNET - UK] Does "Blue Label" refer to the exterior trim?

Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 23:57:43 BST 2004

Oops - I hit the wrong key and sent this message before I had finished it.

I second the request - what does this mean?  Is it a reference to the
color scheme?  A few weeks ago, Chris Carrieri posted to the Rovernet
asking for advice on selling his father's 2000TC, which had been garaged
in El Cerrito, California for close to thirty years.  I ended up buying it
from him, in part because of the color scheme which is white with blue
C-pillars, a blue pinstripe down the side, and blue plates underneath the
exterior badges.  When I was growing up, a classmate's father had a 2000TC
identical to this one, and that car was the spark which ignited my
interest in Rovers.  I vaguely recall some discussion of this trim scheme
a long time back.  What's the story behind this trim package?  


Geoff Kirkpatrick

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