[ROVERNET - UK] Does "Blue Label" refer to the exterior trim?

smanwell smanwell at sprintmail.com
Thu Oct 14 13:23:47 BST 2004

I'm curious about what blue label might refer to also.

As for the white cars with blue accents, this color scheme was called 
White and Blue Racing in the 1967 (maybe 1966?) North American brochure 
with the Lime Rock sign on the cover. (This refers to the race track in 
northwestern Connecticut.)

The late 1967 or early 1968 brochure lists these colors simply as 
White/Blue.  This brochure is an odd one, because it introduces Federal 
features like the tandem brake system with twin servos, the rectangular 
Icelert instead of the round one and the door mirror instead of the 
"bullet" mirror on the rear corner of the hood.  But: the April Yellow 
car on the cover is an earlier NADA car as is the White/Blue car 
featured inside the brochure.

My late 1968 TC also has the white and blue color scheme -- I too grew 
up with cars like this around.  My grandfather had two of them as well 
as a red one.

In the 60's race cars were still painted in colors representing their 
country -- British racing green, Red for Italian cars, white and blue 
for American cars, etc.  I presume that Rover was trying to fit into the 
US market with features like the white and blue colors and the Magnum 
500 wheels that would have been on Mustangs and other US cars at the time.

--Steve Manwell

Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:

>Oops - I hit the wrong key and sent this message before I had finished it.
>I second the request - what does this mean?  Is it a reference to the
>color scheme?  A few weeks ago, Chris Carrieri posted to the Rovernet
>asking for advice on selling his father's 2000TC, which had been garaged
>in El Cerrito, California for close to thirty years.  I ended up buying it
>from him, in part because of the color scheme which is white with blue
>C-pillars, a blue pinstripe down the side, and blue plates underneath the
>exterior badges.  When I was growing up, a classmate's father had a 2000TC
>identical to this one, and that car was the spark which ignited my
>interest in Rovers.  I vaguely recall some discussion of this trim scheme
>a long time back.  What's the story behind this trim package?  
>Geoff Kirkpatrick
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