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Wed Oct 13 21:22:06 BST 2004

>2- The rear brakes are also failing me.  After failing the initial 
>test, the mechanic bled the rear brakes, found a blockage in the 
>right rear line and cleared it.  Results were nearly the same for 
>the first and second test - rear balance 128% on left, 65% on right; 
>and measurment of 485 lbf brake force on left rear,  248 lbf brake 
>force on right.  Discs aren't rusty, brakes relatively new. 
>Previous owner told me that the right rear had locked unexpectedly 
>at some point, but not sure what they did to correct it  My mechanic 
>says the next step is to replace the rear rubber brake hoses (maybe 
>someone used wrong brake fluid in the past??).  Any thoughts on this?

I don't think this is a hose issue, as the hoses go from base unit to 
RH caliper, then RH to LH calipers, so any hose problem I would 
expect to see on both or the LH caliper only. I suspect a mechanical 
problem, namely that the RH caliper is not adjusted up properly. Do 
you have a workshop manual for the car? if so, read the section on 
the rear brakes. If not, we can "list" you though it.


>I've much enjoyed reading the archives and hope I can have this p6 
>legally on the road soon.
>Brian Alcorn
>Washington, DC
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